Our Story

swate started when we found out how big of a problem food waste is.

• It's the 3rd most impactful climate solution according to Project Dropdown.

• If international food waste were a country, it would be the third leading cause to GHG emissions behind the US and China.

The other thing is… 47% of food waste in Canada happens at the household level. This is scary, but also exciting because it means that this time, we as individuals have the power to make meaningful positive impact on the climate through our own actions instead of waiting for policies or business to change. This one is on us.

We were also personally struggling to use up all our groceries before they expired. The worst feeling is when you plan on cooking something but by the time you get to it, it's moldy. Turns out, a lot of people also struggle to cook with intention, which is why we waste so much food at home.

And that's it!
A clear problem and a potential solution was enough to get us started.

Our Values


All activities uphold the highest moral standard – no cutting corners


We live outside the box.


We deliver outstanding quality in our products and in all activities we are engaged in.

Respect for people

Everyone is deserving of equal respect and fair treatment.

Respect for the environment

All activities take into consideration its impact on our planet to ensure the respect for the land, water, and air and preservation of our world for future generations.

Meet the team

Jamie Lee


Judson Asiruwa


Jane Illarionova


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